All International Certified NASM Personal Trainer work with the OPT Model, simply because it works. 


It's a fantastic program that will allow every client, in all stages of condition, the create more Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy, Power, Strength or Stabilization Endurance. 






All clients will fill our their PARQ Anamnese form in order to keep your health our number 1 priority.  Without assessment no sessions will be applied on our new client. If we are not assessing, we will only be guessing!


Just to give you an example; the Overhead Squat Assessment


The Overhead Squat Assessment is designed to assess dynamic flexibility, core strength, balance and overall neuromuscular efficiency. As with the static postural assessment, this should be a systematic process observed from the anterior, lateral and posterior positions, noting compensations at each of the five major Kinetic Chain Checkpoints (Feet and ankles, knees, lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, shoulders and neck). These compensations can signify over and under active muscles, abnormal force-couple relationships and joint dysfunction.



There are a number of compensations characterized by potentially over and underactive muscles. By integrating range of motion and manual muscle testing, the precise muscles and joints can be isolated, streamlining the process and helping to make the program design more accurate and effective. 






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